Few Media Houses and Politicians Conspiracy to Disturb India's Growth & Unity

United India against dirty politicsBeing an Indian and a responsible citizen of India, it is my duty to give my best to make our country proud. I feel happy and proud when I see, our soldiers protecting our boarder and all the nationalist is helping each other to be stronger and make a powerful nation.

I get disappointed when I see news in television and newspapers when they some so called responsible media houses covers story on intolerance, JNU anti national speeches, freedom of speech and many other unusual stories. Covering story is not bad, but covering the story in wrong way and giving extra exposure to anti national elements is not good for our nation. Every one should condemn this type of practice. And even all the responsible authors and politicians should understand their responsibility for nation.

Few political parties are doing politics in every matter, even they don't try to understand which issues are in favor or against the nation. At any cost they want their politics to grow, they want their vote bank get stronger. Some regional parties are giving worst statement and even defend terrorists for their benefits and vote bank. Here I wanted to mention name of those political parties and politicians name but I even don't want to call their name, because I feel it will downgrade my values.

Better will be before any major damage in country these media houses, political parties and politicians should realize what is in favor of nation and what is not in favor. Rest thing you people can also realize because every one is smart enough to difference between good and bad.

Always remember one thing our personal ambiance not bigger than national unity and benefits.

By: Rakesh Singh

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