Famous Fruits in Bihar

Litchi of Muzaffarpur
It’s quite a little known fact to us Indians that the state of Bihar is famous through the world over for its tasty and luscious varieties of fruits and cuisines. The Bihar Makhana which is a type of water fruit has now spread over through out the country and being exported to several foreign countries. Similarly, there are many fruits and gastronomically delightful foods of rare varieties not to be found elsewhere. This article details the Bihari fare and fruits for your information.

Litchi of Muzafferpur of Bihar

The fame of the Shahi Litchi of Muzafferpur is not limited to India but to the European countries also. About 18 lack tonnes of litchi is produced every year round by the farmers in an area of 3 lack hectares in Muzafferpur. The litchi of China, Taiwan, Thailand and Bangladesh feel ashamed in the presence of the ‘Shahi Litchi’ of Muzafferpur. It has a special tinge of taste incomparable with other litchis. It has established a sort of rare record in the world market for its unique taste.

Mango of the Maldah and Bumbaiya of Muzaffarpur & Sitamarhi (Bihar)

The king of fruits mango is highly popular through out the country. Different varieties of mangoes grow in the different parts of the Indian Territory. But the Maldah Mango of Bihar is famous for its taste of a different kind which is to be tasted to be believed. It cannot be described in mere words which would mean doing injustice with the maldah mango of Bihar. The Alfonso of Ratnagiri of Maharashtra shall stand nowhere near it.

Banana of Hazipur (Bihar)

Likewise the story of ‘Konhara Ghat in the olden story is famous for the battle of Gaj (elephant) and Grah (crocodile), so is similarly famous the bananas of Hazipur. This banana of Bihar state is famous through the world over for its juicy taste. This exported to the foreign countries where there is a massive demand for the Hazipuri bananas. Like the column of the tree of banana and its leaves, the fruit of banana is also seen with great piety which is offered to the Gods and Goddesses while praying to them or worshipping them. Hazipur is situated in the northern region of Bihar, where banana is produced in 28000 hectare of land. 100 gm of banana produces 150 calories of energy. The ripe banana, apart from being a good source of vitamin’ A’ is also packed with protein, vitamin ’B’, and minerals like iron, phosphorous, potassium etc.

The Paan Makhan of Mithilanchal (Bihar)

The paan-makhan and fish of Mithila region of the state of Bihar is very popular in which the agriculture of makhan and fish is carried out while the paan (the betel leaf) is brought from the Magadh region of Bihar. Brush shaped thorny leaves are noticeable in the big ponds. There are blackish stony types of lumps at the base of the roots which are broken riding in a boat. The bony lumps are then fried in hot sands after which, whitish popcorns bursts out which is famous as Makhan or Makhana.

In every auspicious works of Mithila, Makhana and fish are used. The use of makhana has spread over entire parts of India of late. It's exported as well. Some people use it as dry fruit. Yet some people fry it to eat. The taste of makhana-keer is excellent which doesn't frees off from mouth. Mithila is the central place for the manufacturing of makhana. There are about 76000 ponds and hundreds of cheers here. This is cultivated here in a large scale. It is exported through out the countries of the world. Makhan is the emblem of the special cultural living tradition of Mithilanchal and used in every festival, ceremony and performance.

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